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Budgeting planning and money management made easy, with date-shifting!™*

Low Cost Licensing of Budgeting Software for Educational Purposes

Copies of the online budgeting and financial planning software programs developed for Budget-Master.com are available at low cost for educational purposes to teach both adults and children how to manage the money they spend on the products and services they consume, and how to plan for the future.

For greater utilization, suggestions for use at lower grade levels include teaching the multiplication tables by a traditional method - like 8x7=56 - then allowing students to test their skills by placing the same numbers in the cells of a spreadsheet row - eight cells with the number seven will calculate to a total of fifty six, allowing them to observe how addition and multiplication can create the same total, while they learn valuable computer skills.

For flexibility and ease of use a spreadsheet program can be made available for use within the classroom, within the school, or made available from the school district website or intranet to be available for homework and other useful purposes. Alternatively, we can host your budgeting web site (your version of our budgeting spreadsheet) on our server, to be managed by your software personnel. This additional service comes with the protection of our server firewall, and can be provided with or without managed Hacker Safe and or PCI certification.

This simple-to-understand and easy to use budgeting, planning and money management spreadsheet, with date-shifting, is far better than all other spreadsheet and budgeting methods currently available. It's so unique that it's patent pending. Try it yourself from our home page.

Made flexible for groups with different needs, the spreadsheet 'template' (the spreadsheet that first opens to account holders) may be customized. For example, it may have as many rows as desired with custom row names.

The general terms of the license include:
1) A low cost license fee for one copy of the software1, paid annually;
2) The flexibility to offer a face-to-the-world of your own choosing2, without using the name Budget-Master.com*;
3) The flexibility to offer the service free to students, teachers and administrators, and at the same time offer it to employees for a paid subscription3 using a shopping cart and payment gateway of your own choosing.

Note 1: Limited to about 10,000 accounts without minor database and account-administration enhancements.
Note 2: But allow accounts to members only.
Note 3: With server protection of accounts and software against hackers, viruses, spyware, theft, etc, which your web site should already have.

For more information please send an email to diane.richardson at budget-master.com after properly inserting the @ symbol in the address.

*The best we can provide them

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