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Budgeting planning and money management made easy, with date-shifting!™*

Versions and Pricing

. Basic Standard Advanced Future
Feature $below. $below. $below. Next Goals
Starter spreadsheet w/suggested names. Add more Income & Expense rows as needed, up to 30 · · · .
Rename your rows as you wish · · · .
Add and delete rows · · · .
Date-shifting · · · .
Color coded results · · · .
Monthly balance · · · .
Balance added forward for each month of 12-month period in use · · · .
Balance added forward from previous month (that you just date-shifted from) · · · .
Percentage of total · · · .
Monthly budgeting and totals to 999,999. (Some browsers might show larger totals.) · · · .
Very secure 128-bit or 256-bit encrypted account pages and spreadsheet - SSL encryption level is provided for browser used · · ·  
Unlimited 24/7 access · · ·  
Ability to do very long-term planning and What-If(TM) analysis - time to pay off a mortgage or loan; time to save or accumulate a specific amount - as a part of and within a total plan. In this section each subtotal (line item) can be as high as 999,999,999 and the total into the trillions - have fun! - · · .
Multiple viewers of the same spreadsheet from different computers at different locations. For example, one viewer at home the other at work. This feature easily provides the opportunity for budget, debt and credit counseling ( Note A ) Planned Planned Project 1
Voice communication between multiple viewers - VoIP . - Planned Planned Planned, if cost is reasonable
Multiple pages Note B - - Planned Prototype done
$below. $below. $below. .

Note A: Multiple users can be permitted in the current version of the access controls, by the account holder, but with few restrictions. The ability to permit multiple users can be very useful for budgeting and financial planning when the users are in different locations. Or a club wants a simple way to allow members to share entries. The account holder is always in control of the account - if, for example, the password is changed he/she can always request a new one via the lost password function because his/her email address controls the account. When available the Multi-View(TM) access control version will provide even more selectable access that is chosen by the account holder.

Note B: This version has multiple pages, each with its own total, and a summary page with a total. It allows for each family member to have his or her own separate page for personal needs and or educational planning, while providing a separate page for family budgeting. It also allows for the user to plan the needs of a family and a business, like those usually operated as a home or family business. Allowing for many individual page uses, the Advanced verion then copies page totals to the summary page. RSMC uses it for planning the needs of its various projects and businesses.


Budget-Master LLC is owned by Americans, located in Connecticut, USA,
offering needed products world-wide (that can be read about and used in many languages)

(Budget-Master LLC is proud to be an RSMC company)

Pricing (USD)1
Lifetime FREE . $24.95 . $TBT .

Note 1: If payment is made by check or money order it must to be in English and in US Dollars.

Note 2: The Advanced version is not yet available.

Forms of Payment

Try online money management. It's easy. Whether you are doing personal budgeting or personal money management it's easier to do when using our online budgeting spreadsheet with date-shifting.

        Credit and debit cards offered by the providers shown above will be accepted globally through PayPal.

Q: Can I use PayPal without having or needing a PayPal account?
Ans.: Yes. No PayPal account is needed if you do not have one. If you do have one you may use it, and you may open a PayPal account if you wish to, but you do not need a PayPal account to purchase a service from us. [Top of FAQ page]

Checks are also accepted by mail/post. If you wish to send payment by mail/post, please follow the payment instructions on the Subscription Page.

To learn how the entire process works please see block diagram on the Security Page.

*The best we can provide them

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